Is there any physical store ?


Answer: In order to offer the best possible prices, all sales are currently done via the Internet.

Can I order from your store online and then pick it up from your warehouse?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not have the opportunity to receive customers for parcel delivery at our warehouse, but our warehouse staff will quickly send the goods home to you instead.

Why do you need an email address to order?

Answer: In order for us to send an order confirmation to you in a quick and easy way so that you see that all the information and your contact information match.

Is it possible to place an order in any other way than through your online store?
Answer: You can email to our customer service at contact[at]asn-store.com (Subject field should contain ''Place Order''.

Is it possible to order abroad?

Answer: At this moment we can only deliver to customers in Morocco.

Can I order products from you if I am under 18?
Answer: To place an order, you must be of legal age or have parental approval to order. This check is not made by us, but the responsibility for this being fulfilled lies with you and the guardians.

Is there a maximum or minimum amount you can trade for?
Answer: There is a maximum total order value of 1500 DH for Cash on Delivery orders.

If I place an order with a promotional product that comes with the purchase, will the free product have to be returned if I return the other products?

Answer: If you choose to return one or more products during a campaign purchase where a product followed the purchase, the free product should also be returned back in unopened / original condition.